Family Feud Slots Machine

Family Feud Slots Machine

Related Tags: people slot kids gambling mother gamble child slot machine father casino family tree game baby jackpot home money boy play illustration coin. A fancy new slot machine featuring the cartoon characters and sounds from the show is They also had Wheel of Fortune, The Price is Right, Family Feud. Guests are now able to "Play the Feud," with Family Feud Slots. SPA Here the pressures of the outside world fade into distant memory. Relax. Renew. Family Feud Slots Machine

Gambling Gets Bewitched


Submitted by Jan W, Carpet and Jesse Mortimer

Jan W

The casinos will never be the same now that they've been Bewitched! A fancy new slot machine featuring the cartoon characters and sounds from the show is new to casinos for The machine is a nickel slot with the chance of winning up to $50, Family Feud Slots Machine, On a recent trip to Las Vegas, NV, Jan W. spotted the machine as soon as she got off the plane at the Las Vegas airport. She recalls:

The first thing I saw when I walked through the tunnel thingy was the Bewitched video slot machine in the airport! It is one of the taller slots and is very pretty. It's blue and pink with lotto- type balls in the top portion of the machine, Family Feud Slots Machine. I still don't know how those worked because I never made it that part of the game. However, several of the casinos in Vegas had the Bewitched game and I won $ on one of them. O.K., maybe I'm not one of the high rollers, but I was thrilled. We took quite a few pictures of the slot machine so I'm sure the photo developing people are going to think we are nuts :-) Anyway, they do have the regular opening playing on the machine before you put in your money. It goes through the part where Sam jumps up into Durwood's lap. The Darrin cartoon that is used throughout the fremont hotel and casino is Dick York's Darrin. When you put in your money, a screen comes up with cartoon drawings of some of the characters -- Darrin, Sam, Serena, Dr. Bombay, and Endora; however, the Endora drawing looked like a cross between Agnes Moorehead and Sandra Gould. The hairdo was not Endora's trademark 'do, but an upsweep of curls similar to Gladys Kravitz. I made it to two different bonus rounds and we got pictures of 1 of the screens but not the other since I played it again at a different casino. There are other BW type of pictures such as the cat, kitchen pots, Family Feud Slots Machine, Sam on her broom, etc. We even got pictures of I Dream of Jeannie slots. There are several different types of Jeannie games and I must admit, Jeannie was very, very good to me :-) It's fun seeing lots of TV classics being used as themes for casino machines. Besides Bewitched and IDOJ, I saw The Munsters, The Addams Family (movie and TV family), Popeye, and American Bandstand. They also had Wheel of Fortune, The Price is Right, Family Feud, and Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve.

The Bewitched Slot Machine at the Airport

The Bewitched game is a multi-line slot machine. When you win a line, it becomes animated in sounds and/or movement. When you hit certain pictures, you get a chance at bonuses, which can really rack up the credits and the screen changes to a different game. One of them is a situation with Darrin that Serena causes. Although you don't see Serena, Darrin goes through changes with every picture you touch on the screen. He turns into animals like a monkey, a turtle, etc. The point is that you get more points as he turns into an animal. You keep touching a square that shows how many bonus credits you get until the Samantha picture turns up. Your bonus round ends when she twitches her nose to turn the animal back into Darrin then you return to the regular screen. There are numerous sounds Family Feud Slots Machine a twitch (different than what we are used to hearing), dialogue from the characters like, "We have a guest" and "Oh my stars!" There are other bonus games that you can advance to during the game.

Jan with Money in Hand Ready to Give
It a Twitch, Err, Spin at Paris Hotel/Casino

A Close-up of Darrin on the Screen

Being a s pop culture consultant, Jan was obligated to give the I Dream of Jeannie slot machines, which came out ina try. The IDOJ game's bonus was a page of little Jeannie bottles. When you touched a bottle, a number would pop up letting you know how many bonus credits you received. You kept going until you clicked a bottle and Jeannie said "Sorry Master." Then, you went back to the original screen.

Jan and the Jeannie Slot Machine

Another I Dream of Jeannie Slot Machine at the Monte Carlo



And speaking of IDOJ, Carpet from has been kind enough to submit more pictures of the Bewitched game, as well as a sound byte from the video slot machine.

A Close-up of the Graphics

Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun!


Jesse Mortimer

This brochure for a Bewitched contest was spotted at Bally's during an Atlantic City gambling trip.

Bewitched Brochure

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Silicon Gaming Diamonds of fortune MGM Family Feud Slots Machine Launch Family Feud Slots

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2 June

LAS VEGAS, June 1 (Press Release) -- Las Vegas tears another page from the theme park playbook as two of the gaming industry's most forward thinkers transform the topography of the slot floor. Guests of the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino will soon get their first taste of a new class of wagering experience, Family Feud Slots. Family Feud Slots Machine Grand, Inc. has joined forces with Silicon Gaming to create Family Feud Slots, an elaborately themed casino installation based on Pearson Television's again-popular game show. The high-end attraction extends the traditional slot-playing experience well beyond the boundaries of the physical device.

In addition to the actual machines, the attraction includes custom signage, lighting, seating, carpeting, and other fixtures, all of which reinforce the Family Feud brand and heighten the game playing experience. Never before has a casino created such an elaborate environment in support of a single product.

``This work represents the cutting edge for us,'' declared Andrew Pascal, CEO of Silicon Gaming, Inc. ``These 'Attraction Packages' we're developing are the expression of everything we've learned over the past five years.''

Silicon, long known for its highly innovative products, approached MGM Grand with the joint development deal. Silicon would build a state-of-the-art game, and MGM Grand would kick in the floor space and the promotional support. Silicon would get to showcase its latest handiwork at an A plus location, and MGM Grand would get a knock-your-socks-off product with a Nevada exclusive.

``It was bold idea,'' recalled Pascal, Family Feud Slots Machine, ``and it required a strong, visionary partner in order to pull it off. MGM Grand was our perfect choice.'' The MGM Grand and its affiliated casinos, New York-New York, Primadonna, Whiskey Pete's, and Buffalo Bill's, will be the exclusive Nevada venues for the Family Feud attraction.

``We're always seeking new and exciting ways to entertain our guests,'' said Bill Hornbuckle, President/COO of MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. ``Silicon Gaming's Family Feud idea fit the bill. What they proposed was not only a great experience, but it also fit exceptionally well in branding 'The City of Entertainment' into a casino experience.''

At the heart of the Family Feud slot experience is a gaming device that is perhaps Silicon Gaming's most innovative creation to date. The machine features three, high-resolution video displays; an industry-first, video capture system; and, a physical enclosure that incorporates 40 individually choreographed lights, all controlled by a proprietary scripting language.

The impressive hardware is well matched by the company's faithful recreation of the popular television game show. ``Family Feud is a very successful brand for Pearson Television around the world,'' noted Simon Spalding, EVP Worldwide Licensing at Pearson Television, owners of the Family Feud brand. ``This deal underlines the off-air potential of our brands and their ability to transfer from the small screen. Silicon Gaming's ability to translate Family Feud into a slot experience and MGM's execution of the themed environment supports our objective to bring consumers high quality game playing opportunities across a broad range of platforms and media.''

The Family Feud games are based on three of Silicon's most popular product types, two of which are reel slots: the multi-line, multi-coin and the multi-spin. The third is a multi-deck poker implementation. What remains consistent across the game variations is the Family Feud Bonus.

When players hit the designated bonus jackpot, the entire machine appears to shut down. As the device goes dark, a red siren starts to spin atop a studio camera mounted to the side of the machine. A stage director appears on the camera's video display and instructs the player that he or she is, ``On in five in four in three '' The stage director points at the player and on cue, we cut to the camera's video feed. This time, it is the player who appears on the screen. A snap shot is taken, the camera goes dark, and the machine comes back to life with the instantly recognizable Family Feud theme music, Family Feud Slots Machine.

It's the bonus round, and it's time to meet the first family. The familiar stitch work panel slides back to reveal the contestants. Now it's time to meet the challengers. A second panel slides back to reveal the image of the player that the camera had just captured.

The game proceeds as a Family Feud Slots Machine is randomly selected from the game's database of over 1, questions. The top answers are ``on the board'' and players' guesses appear on a rotating placard. Hitting the ``Answer'' plunger on the machine's button deck makes the selection from among the randomly generated guesses. Then, the player sees what the ``survey says.'' The more popular the guess is, the larger the award. Players continue until they guess all the answers or get three strikes. Their awards Glacial Epoch Slots Machine totaled, and they return to the game.

MGM Grand, Inc. is an entertainment, hotel and gaming company headquartered in Las Vegas. MGM Grand, Inc. owns and operates: the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, ``The City of Entertainment'' and New York - New York Hotel and Casino both located in Las Vegas; Whiskey Pete's, Buffalo Bill's and the Primm Valley Resort in Primm, Nev.; the MGM Grand Detroit Casino in Detroit, Mich.; the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Darwin, Australia; manages casinos in Nelspruit, Witbank and Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa; and owns two championship golf courses at the California/Nevada stateline. MGM Grand is in the early stages of developing a permanent hotel and casino complex in Detroit, Michigan. The Company also has announced plans to develop a hotel and casino resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey. For more information on MGM Grand, Inc., visit the worldwide at

Silicon Gaming, Inc. designs and manufacturers a full line of innovative wagering products, including the Odyssey and Quest slot machines, and an extensive library of game applications, including Phantom Belle, Eureka, Cash Cruise, Banana-Rama, and Hot Reels. Headquartered in Palo Alto, Family Feud Slots Machine, California, the Company is traded on the OTC Bulletin Board as SGIC.

Family Feud is a trademark of Grundy International Operations BV. Licensed by Pearson Television Inc. The Family Feud Slot experience is a wagering attraction by Silicon Gaming.

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Name Something In A Casino That May Give You A Headache Answer

The Family Feud Answer Survey Says

Flashung Lights15
Slot Machines13

What's Family Feud Live?

Be the fastest contestant to type in and see your Family Feud Slots Machine light up the board! Play Family Feud® Live and enjoy new graphics, surveys and challenges to become the Ultimate Feuder! Play Family Feud® Live any way you’d like. With 4 game modes to choose Wild Christmas Slots Machine, there’s a Feud-style for everyone! Who is the ultimate Feuder?

Play on iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store

App StoreGoogle Play Store
CHALLENGE 1-ON-1 IN CLASSIC FEUD FUN Answer the best Feud surveys and play the best gameshow game, EVER! Master the questions and take all the coins for yourself!
FAST MONEY ROUND Prefer playing Fast Money Rounds? Now you can! Win bigger prizes; get points on the scoreboard for an extra bonus, just like the show!
COMPETE IN ELIMINATION TOURNAMENTS Prove that you’re the Ultimate Feuder to win huge! Play against the best to secure the gold medal.
PLAY RELAXED Find someone new to play with and make a new friend! With over million new friends made while playing, Family Feud® Live! is the best way to connect with someone YOU want to play with! LEVEL UP Win matches to gain experience points. Can you reach the elusive Superstar level?
Featuring: - 4 game modes: Classic, Fast Money, Tournaments and Live - Test your Feud skills and take your opponent’s coins - Over 2, Brand New Surveys - All-New Live Gameplay - Laugh with your opponent using our FREE In-Game Chat Family Feud Live! uses Facebook to ensure that everyone you meet is authentic.

Some More Top Questions

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Darryl McEwen

Darryl D. McEwen

“Family Feud” is a popular television game show in which contestants guess the top answers to questions in a survey of people. The top four to nine answers are ranked by popularity, with the No. 1 answer being the one that received the most responses; the No. 2 answer, the second most, etc.

Considering the goofy ideas many slot machine players have, imagine what the answers would be if there were an Atlantic City Family Feud Slots Machine called “Gamblers Feud.”

Round One

“What’s the best way to guarantee a win?”

No. 9: “Cash out, then reinsert your ticket. The machine will think you’re a new player.”

No. 8: “Using your index finger, tap any Shark Meet Slots Machine symbols on the screen.”

No. 7: “Walk away from the machine. The next person to play will win within three spins.”

No. 6: “Switch back and forth between pulling the handle and pushing the Spin key.”

No. 5: “Set a picture of your grandchild on top of the machine.”

No. Magic Harp Slots Machine “Play ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’ on the Bet keys before hitting Spin.”

No. 3: “Smack the machine as hard as you can.”

No. 2: “Rub the screen vigorously for at least 15 seconds.”

No. 1: “Remove your players card.”

Round Two

“When playing slot machines, why don’t you win more?”

No. 5: “It’s random, Family Feud Slots Machine, I just have to be patient.”

No. 4: “It’s a weekend, so they’ve tightened all the machines.”

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Play Free IGT Slots in NJ

Family Feud is one of the longest running TV game shows in the United States. It was first broadcast way back in July There have been six hosts in total, with Steve Harvey the emcee since The game sees two families of five battle it out by guessing the answers to questions posed to Family Feud Slots Machine surveyed, The family that guesses the most popular answers collect points. The winning family can then try and win the jackpot prize.

The show is also famous for some of the hilarious answers given by contestants to questions posed, such as “Give me a boy’s name that starts with the letter ‘H,’” to which the contestant replied “José.” Family Feud is very much an institution now and as such, the slot that represents the show on TV needs to match up to it. So how does this brand new slot shape up? Is it a top answer, or a big red “X”? Let’s take a look and find out.

Overview: Family Feud

The backdrop to the slot is the Family Feud studio. This will certainly be familiar to anybody that has seen the TV show. There are the usual 5×3 reels on the slot with a total of 15 non-selectable paylines in play on each spin. You can wager from as little as $ per coin per line up to $ per line. This gives you a minimum bet of $ and a maximum bet of $ Ideal for the medium to lower stakes slot gamer.

What is particularly appealing about the Family Feud slot is that it has a 10, coin jackpot. If you play at full price, you could win up to $20, That’s a sizeable amount to win. The game is presented nicely and has some lovely graphics and music which will be familiar to anybody that has seen the TV series. There is a good mix of base game wins from a few coins up to the 10,coin jackpot.

Who will the Family Feud slot Family Feud Slots Machine to?

Family Feud has a legion of fans, Family Feud Slots Machine just in the United States but also across the globe. The TV show is popular in many other countries Trolling for Treasure Slots Machine. In the UK, for example, it is called Family Fortunes. Certainly anybody that has seen a version of the show would be tempted to give the slot a try. Its high production values certainly make it Superman The Movie Slots Machine when you see the screen load up. However, it’s a little disappointing that host Steve Harvey doesn’t appear on the slot.

In terms of the slot playing fraternity, this is a TV show-themed slot which do attract plenty of players. The fact it has a decent-sized jackpot, plus a decent free spins bonus feature, will mean that plenty of slot players will be keen to give the game a try. The lower stakes means it’s a slot aimed at the lower to medium stakes player, rather than the high roller.

Gameplay: Family Feud

One of the nice things about the Family Feud slot is that it is easy to select how much you want to play for. All the available options are laid out in a series of buttons. You can 30 Spicy Dice Games Slots Machine keep clicking this button to set the reels spinning, or click it once and click the Repeat Bet button. Click on the More Bets button to reveal higher/lower priced bets and set your unit stake.

The reels are yellow and populated with a mix of symbols. The playing card symbols from 10 through to Jack are the lowest value symbols. They offer wins of up to coins if you can land five of the Aces on a payline. Higher value symbols include the blue and pink family silhouettes, the answer board, a buzzer and the Family Feud logo, five of which on a single payline triggers the 10,coin jackpot in either the base game or the free spins round.

Additional features

To help you land some wins there are additional symbols on the reels.  The Family Feud logo symbol mentioned above is the in-game Wild. It can substitute for any other high or low value symbol to award additional wins.

In addition, there is the Scatter symbol on the reels which is the big red X which famously appears on screen when an incorrect answer is given. Land two or more scatters and you win a cash prize of 3x your total coins for 2 scatters, 12x for three scatters, 25x for four and lastly 50x for five scatters. However the scatter does not trigger any of the bonuses in the game.

To trigger the free spins bonus you need to land three of the Family Feud Bonus symbols on the first three reels on a payline. Once you have achieved this you are taken to a screen with three Review of cards to select from. Keep selecting cards which will reveal a number of free spins, an Roadhouse Reels Casino Bonuses in the size of your multiplier, or the Start symbol which starts the free spins bonus and ends this part of the game.

When Free Spins start your payouts are calculated slightly differently, Family Feud Slots Machine. For every win you get Triple the multiplier you have earned, which is then multiplied by the coin size and then this is further multiplier by the number of paylines that started the bonus.

Family Family Feud Slots Machine is a fast paced, fun slot that is a gentle and unassuming tribute to the show. The slot is definitely a medium variance game with a nice mix of wins available in both the base game and also during the free spins round, though you are more likely to win bigger sums during free spins.

Special Features: Family Feud

Family Feud bonus

The Family Feud Bonus symbol is housed on the first three reels. You need to land three on a payline to trigger the bonus game. When you do, you pick from cards to generate your multiplier and Family Feud Slots Machine number of free spins, which you then subsequently play through. Big Family Feud Slots Machine can be had in this bonus, Family Feud Slots Machine, although equally sometimes the payouts can be small.


The Red X scatter symbol offers players a chance of a payout if you can land two or more the symbols anywhere across the reels. Payouts range from 3x your wager for 2 scatters up to 50x your bet for landing five scatters across the reels.


The Family Feud logo is the in game wild and substitutes for all high and low value symbols to create winning paylines. Land five of the Wilds on a single payline and you trigger the 10, coin jackpot. This can be won Tahiti Breeze Slots Machine the Free Spins round as well as the base game.

What works?


The bright presentation of the slot and the music and vivid colors of the reels and symbols all do create a very joyful playing experience and capture the fun nature of the TV show very well. The game itself works well and has been nicely put together to give players a simple, yet rewarding experience as they play. The pace of the game allied to the presentation is good too.

Mixed value wins

The fact that you can trigger the biggest win on the slot in the base game as well as the bonus round is always a positive move. It means every spin could be a big winner. Besides that, you can also win some very sizable Family Feud Slots Machine by landing five of a kind on a payline of some higher value symbols too. These bigger wins do help bolster your bankroll at times.

Accessible bonus games

One of the most pleasing features of the Family Feud slot is that you can access the bonus game relatively frequently. You do tend to hit the bonus symbol once, if not twice on Family Feud Slots Machine reels very regularly and there isn’t usually a huge amount of time between you triggering bonus games one after the other.

What doesn’t?

Base game dull

For all the brightness of presentation and music to help bring the game to life, there’s no denying that the base game is rather dull, Family Feud Slots Machine. Considering the TV show is about Bitcoin Baccarat Slots Machine presenter, humor and families working together, there is a complete lack of Family Feud Slots Machine in the game. This combined with a lack of additional features in the base game, such as Wild wins being subjected to a multiplier for example, do make the slot a little boring.

No Steve Harvey or animation

Family Feud host Steve Harvey really does bring the show together well. It’s his Family Feud Slots Machine with the families and audience, especially when they give a crazy answer, that makes the show such a hit. Freemantle has made a big error not licensing Steve to appear in this slot, Family Feud Slots Machine. It would have lifted the game immensely.

Bonus Games are volatile

Although you can trigger the bonus games on the Family Feud slot relatively easily, this does not mean you are guaranteed huge payouts. The bonus can be very volatile and you can win very small amounts as well as some much larger wins.

The scores

[wp-review id=”″]

Graphics & soundtrack 3/5

The graphics and soundtrack are bright, breezy and fun, exactly in keeping with the show, but the game developers missed a trick by not including the host of the show and the more comedic elements in cut away shots. The presentation is good, but it could have been so much better with a little thought.

Originality & creativity 2/5 

Although this is a brand new slot, it is very much based on existing slot games and bonuses and I was disappointed to see no novel new games based on the Family Feud TV show, Family Feud Slots Machine. Instead you just have a simple free spins bonus which could be played on any other slot.

Play value 3/5

The play value of the Family Feud slot is definitely down the middle as it is a medium variance game. In some sessions I’ve Hot Shot How about a Game of Baseball well ahead of my initial bankroll starting point, on others well below, Family Feud Slots Machine. That’s not a fault, Family Feud Slots Machine, that is exactly how a medium variance slot should play out.

Jackpot potential 3/5

The 10, coin jackpot is available in the base game and free spins and this is a positive thing which makes the big wins accessible on every spin. Smaller wins are also available and you can hit some decent mid-sized wins relatively frequently, Family Feud Slots Machine. But that big jackpot is appealing especially if you are playing at higher stake sizes.

Repeat play 3/5

The Family Feud slot is certainly playable and will keep players coming back for more, but I think they will be disappointed with how little the slot links in with key elements of the show and as a result, I think its long-term appeal will diminish.

Total score: 14/25

Family Feud does a lot of nice things as a slot but there are some glaring omissions from it which have severely impacted how appealing it is to players. That said, the slot still plays nicely and you can have plenty of fun on it, it just isn’t as much fun as it should be.

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Brief Description: Enter a fantasy version of Gotham City. The exterior is a mini Manhattan skyline, complete with third-size to half-size re-creations of the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the Chrysler, Seagram, Family Feud Slots Machine, and CBS buildings, the New York Public Library, Grand Central Terminal, and the Brooklyn Bridge.


The Manhattan Express roller coaster loops around the property. The Big Apple flavor continues inside, with an art deco lobby, an arcade reminiscent of Coney Island, a food court patterned after Greenwich Village, Family Feud Slots Machine, and details such as names on mailboxes and brownstone apartment facades with air-conditioners in the windows.


This prominent hotel is across the street from the MGM Grand and Excalibur at the corner of Las Vegas Blvd. and Tropicana. It's prime location is on the Las Vegas Strip and close to the airport.

A sparkling pool and three relaxing whirlpools await your enjoyment. Food, beverage and Family Feud Slots Machine services are available. The upgraded pool area has several new amenities for Mafioso Slots Machine season. It has been given a new look with a blue and yellow color scheme from the new patio chairs to the cool cabanas. The check-in area for guests has been expanded with a covered awning, a retail area, and cabana reservations. A new dining area has been created, a stimulating restaurant patio vibe with covered seating for those who would like to enjoy a coffee or a light lunch. The pool area is topped off with poolside refreshments, volleyball, poolside chair massage and the hip, new sound system giving the pool an unexpected experience. Pool hours are seasonal and are posted in the pool area.

New York New York Las Vegas: Room Rates, Reservations, Availability and Information: Click Here

HOTEL:  Rooms in this sprawling compound are quite a bit larger than the typically tiny hotel rooms in the real Gotham, but beyond all the legroom, they're not particularly appealing, with busy bedspreads, bold lighting, and utilitarian furniture (although attractive art deco-inspired armoires are a nice touch). Also, the trek from the front desk to some of the towers can feel longer than the New York City Marathon, and the Manhattan Express roller coaster that loops around the hotel makes quite a thunderous rumble. Several grades of room are available, and as you pay more, you get such plush amenities as separate sitting areas with sofas, marble bathroom counters, and separate glass showers.



CASINO: New York New York Hotel & Casino is an outstanding gaming experience. Unlike any other Las Vegas property, this themed hotel and full service casino re-creates the ambiance and excitement of the Big Apple. The uncanny realism of the New York theme provides pizzazz, color and energy to the property's larger-than-life 84, square foot casino, which includes over 80 gaming tables and 1, slot machines. Set against a backdrop of famous New York landmarks and icons that bring to life the charm of Greenwich Village and the excitement of a bustling Times Square, this unique casino puts gamers right in the middle of all the action. New York New York offers a variety of slots with several denominations throughout the property, including Wheel of Fortune, Monopoly, Megabucks, Jeopardy, Jackpot Party, Blazing 7's Dollars, Reel 'em In, Empire Slots, Elvis, and more. Guests are now able to "Play the Feud," with Family Feud Slots.


Here the pressures of the outside world fade into distant memory. Relax. Renew. Re-energize.

Indulge in the perfect medicine for your mind, body and soul. Treat yourself to luxurious pampering in the hands of trained professionals. After all you'll have plenty of Family Feud Slots Machine to astound your senses.

New York New York Hotel Las Vegas: Tug Boat at the Stature of Liberty

New York New York Las Vegas: Room Rates, Reservations, Availability and Information:

Click Here


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Coolest TV Show-Themed Online Slot Machines

Coolest TV Show-Themed Online Slot Machines

For the past six decades, TV programs have been ruling the charts. Millions of viewers regularly tune in to watch their favorite programs with their family and friends. They even feel emotionally connected to some characters of those programs. After merchandise, video games, Family Feud Slots Machine, action figures of characters, and all sorts of other memorabilia, here comes the TV show-themed online slot machines.

Slot machines are immensely popular for a good reason. They come with some of the most creative, innovative, and original exclusive bonus features. Now, gambling enthusiasts are embracing TV show-themed online slot machines. From your favorite retro cartoons to current hit shows, you can find brilliantly detailed online slots on leading casinos. Sky’s the limit for the types of online slots you can play!

Best TV Show-Themed Online Slot Machines

TV series have long been a way for families to spend quality time together. Such programs are often long-running and can go on for several seasons. Hence, it is no surprise that slot game creators harnessed their popularity, developing a variety of TV show-themed online slot machines.

Game of Thrones

The highly-anticipated season finale Family Feud Slots Machine Game of Thrones is finally upon you. The iconic TV show had fans buzzing with excitement and guessing who will get the coveted Iron Throne and rule over Westeros. But Family Feud Slots Machine you’re thinking how to fill that void after finishing the series, Family Feud Slots Machine something for you—the Game of Thrones slot by Microgaming.

As soon as you open the Game of Thrones slot, you’ll see familiar images from the show and hear the iconic theme tune. You can play it with 15 paylines or with ways to win. The Iron Throne acts as a scatter symbol and key to getting a free Family Feud Slots Machine. Select from Targaryen, Baratheon, Stark, or Lannister. Each contains a free spin and multiplier combo and stacked symbols. 

Game of Thrones may have come to an end, but you may always relive the drama with the namesake online slot. You can enjoy the game at Betsafe and Bet

The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk is a well-known Marvel Comics characters. First aired in the s, the TV series was later re-launched in The series shows Dr. Bruce Banner experimenting with gamma rays and eventually transforming him into a giant green monster every time he gets frustrated. The Hulk possesses a sub-human mind and superhuman strength. His signature attacking move is the Hulk Smash.

Playtech wanted to capitalize on its popularity by developing an online slot inspired by the Incredible Hulk movie. The Incredible Hulk slot consists of five reels and 50 paylines. Very much in keeping with the comic book hero, you will also see actor Edward Norton make repetitive appearances on the screen. 

The Incredible Hulk slot boasts a Smash Bonus feature. You can trigger this feature when you get a Smash Bonus symbol on reels one and five. The Hulk then needs to smash three police cars as well as one helicopter, which will decide the multiplier, up to 5x. You can enjoy the Incredible Hulk Funky Spin Slots Machine at William Hill and Bet

The Flintstones 

Flintstones is an incredibly popular Cartoon Network original produced by Hanna-Barbara. Based on the stone age, Family Feud Slots Machine, the show centers around two families—the Flintstone and their neighbors, the Rubbles. It is among the highest-grossing animated series of all time. 

The Flintstones slot is a typical WMS video slot featuring five reels and four symbols on every reel. It consists of three main rounds—the Bedrock Bowling Feature, Yabba Dabba Doo Feature, and Bamm Bamm Feature. The slot has a great sense of humor, sporting bold and big colors that mirror The Flintstones show itself. Also, get ready for the nostalgia brought about by the soundtrack.

The Pink Panther 

The Pink Panther is a hit series that originated in Several animated TV series and movies later, bumbling French detective Jacques Clouseau won the hearts of numerous fans worldwide. The Pink Panther documents the misadventures of the hilarious detective. Now, you can find multiple video games inspired by the animated Pink Panther character. 

Playtech’s Pink Panther slot features a mammoth 50 paylines and five reels. It starts with the original Pink Panther introductory video, Family Feud Slots Machine. The slot sports brilliant graphics and symbols Megasaur Slot Maschine uberprufen by main characters, Family Feud Slots Machine, including Professor Clouseau and Little Man. The game also comes with several bonus features: Pink Trail Bonus, Pink Pow! Bonus, Color Pink Bonus, and Crack The Pink Code. You can enjoy this slot at Bet and William Hill. 

Best TV Game Show-Themed Online Slot Machines 

Game shows are some of the most significant achievements of TV. Perhaps you’ve seen people win a large sum of money for playing a game and think that could be you. Well, TV game show-themed online slot machines can make that a reality. 

Bringing game shows to casinos ensures they everyone can experience them. Whether you prefer quiz games or those based more on luck, you’ll Play Victorian Villain Free Slot Game a slot machine that represents your favorite game show. 

Deal Or No Deal

Lauded as the most widely adapted game show ever, Deal Or No Deal is a game of luck and patience. The contestant will pick one from the 26 briefcases, each containing a different dollar value. Throughout the game, Family Feud Slots Machine will open the remaining briefcases one by one. Depending on the amount inside the opened briefcase/s, “banker” will offer to buy the player’s briefcase. The contestant may either sell the briefcase or play till the end and win the amount inside their briefcase.

Heavily based on the game show itself, the wild symbol of the Deal Or No Deal slot is the official neon sign of the game show. You will also find other symbols, like banker’s black phone, all over the screen. The slot has five reels and 20 paylines connected to three massive progressive jackpots. You can stake from as low as $ to $ per spin. The Deal Or No Deal slot also features The Banker’s Best Offer Bonus and Reel Banker Bonus. 

Who Family Feud Slots Machine To Be A Millionaire 

Another world-famous game show, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is a quiz show where the player needs to answer 15 questions on the way to taking home $1 million. Taking advantage of its popularity, Ash Gaming developed the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire slot, consisting of five reels and 50 paylines.

Adding to its authenticity is the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire slot’s neon blue theme plus the quiz show’s soundtrack. You will also find several bonus features, including the progressive jackpot opportunity. It is activated when you get at least three Jackpot Ladder symbols on the reels. You can enjoy the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire slot at BetWilliam Hill, Family Feud Slots Machine, and Unibet.

Wheel Of Fortune

Wheel Of Fortune is a well-thought-out brainchild of Merv Griffin, heavily based on Hangman. Introduced by International Game Technology inthe Wheel Of Fortune slot is among the earlier TV show-themed online slots. It plays a significant part in IGT’s rise to fame.

The Wheel Of Fortune slot employs a Siberian Storm theme, mirroring the game show. To win big, you have to spin the themed wheel. Moreover, if you find three scatter symbols on the same payline in any direction, they will turn into smaller wheels that can create more symbol combos. 

While the Wheel Of Fortune slot only has five reels and five paylines, you have different possible winning combinations on each spin. The wagering range is between $ and $5. You can play the Wheel Of Fortune slot at Unibet, Bet, and William Hill. 

Family Feud

Family Feud is a hit TV game show where two families compete to name the most common responses to survey questions. The Family Feud slot brings the popular game show to life. It features a familiar-looking game background. The Family Feud slot is a five-reel game with symbols ranging from poker card symbols, buzzers, answer panels, the Family Feud Family Feud Slots Machine, and teams of contestants. These symbols keep the excitement at a high level.

Similar to the game show, two families compete for prizes and cash. However, instead of playing against a family, you will compete against the computer. But worry not as you’re smarter than machines and will surely take home cash. The Family Feud slot is somewhat easy to play. You might not go home a millionaire, but you could leave better than you started. That is so long as you play responsibly. 

Playing Online Slots From India

In India, online slots comprise the bulk of titles at leading online casinos. TV show-themed online slots are highly appealing, especially to TV enthusiasts. Players like super themes, Family Feud Slots Machine, instant payouts, and chance to win massive jackpots. Even those who are remotely familiar to the world of casinos can recognize a slot machine. 

But regarding its legality, the online gambling legislation in India is vague. The country regulates gambling at the national and state levels. However, the laws don’t specifically mention online gambling, so it stays in a grey area. While India bans most forms of real-world gambling, there are no legal means for prosecuting online gamblers.

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