Glacial Epoch Slots Machine

Glacial Epoch Slots Machine

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EA-I. Glossary

Cake. A relatively flat piece of ice, smaller than a floe (47). (See

Bergy bit, Bit, Glacial Epoch Slots Machine, Growler.)

Calf. A piece of ice broken off from the front of a glacier or barrier;

sometimes used of a piece breaking off from large berg (47).

Calf ice or Calved ice. A low-lying piece of glacier ice, less than 16

feet above the surface of the sea (47). (See Bergy bit, Glacial Epoch Slots Machine, Growler .)

Calving ( Shchenki [R], Velaâge [F]). The breaking away of a mass of ice

from a parent berg, glacier, or barrier (47).

Candle ice (Needle ice, Penknife ice). Long crystals formed in freshwater

ice, or in salt ice that has become fresh. These are vertical (at

right angles to the surface of the water). Their tips are sharp

and will cut shoe leather and the pads of dogs’ feet. Markham

implies that this formation was first described in England in

by Parry who called it “penknife ice.” Apparently candling does

not take place as long as snow shields the ice from the direct sun.

When the candling extends all the way through the ice, Glacial Epoch Slots Machine, to the water

below, it is easy to drive a slender though blunt rod all the way

through. Chunks of river ice thrown up on a bank during break-up

will candle rapidly in direct sunlight and Glacial Epoch Slots Machine then collapse at a

light blow, as from a cane, into a heap of candles (27; 47).

Canopying. Interlocking of plumes and flakes of snow (40).

Capillary fringe. The zone immediately above the water Glacial Epoch Slots Machine in which water

is held above the groundwater level by capillarity casino avignon.

Capillary interstices. Openings small enough to produce appreciable capillary

rise (31).

EA-I. Glossary

because the snow is so shar p that, when driven by a gale, it nearly

cuts the skin off the face. Also said to be used in Nova Scotia

for vapor rising in cold weather from open water of rivers (53a).

(See Frost smoke .)

Barchans (Snow barchans). Horseshoe-shaped or crescentic patches of snow

(or sand), in contradistinction to ripples and long ridges. Bar–

chans, which open downwind, do not join up to form long transverse

structures; they are more common on extensive flat areas than in

mountains. The word is of Russian origin and is applied to the

action of wind on sand in central Asia deserts (40).

Barrage. See Ice barrage.

Barrier or Barrieère [F]. See Ice cliff, Shelf ice.

Barrier berg. See Tabular iceberg.

Bay ( Ice bay ). An indentation of the ice edge caused by winds and currents (55).

Bay ice ( Glace de baies [ F ], Led bukht [R], Zalivayi led [R]). This term

should be discarded, for its precision has been lost [ ?] through

its being used for young ice, fast ice, level ice, Glacial Epoch Slots Machine ice, as

well as for any ice formed in a bay, fjord, or gulf. In the Antarctic

the term has been used at times for heavy land floes.

Belt ( Poias [R], Polosa lda [R]). A strip of cakes, floes, or fields of ice

of such extent that its lengthwise limits cannot be seen from the

crow's-nest (47).

Bending. The first behavior stage of ice under pressure. Considerable bend–

ing is observed only with salt-water ice and only if it is thin

(young) enough to be pliable (47). (See Hummocking, Rafting ,

Screwing, Tenting .)

EA-I. Glossary

it an opaque appearance. Nakaya has used the term “amorphous snow,”

and Schaefer, the term “asymmetrical c yr ry stal” to describe this form

of snow (48).

Crystal fog. See Spicule fog.

Crystocrene. Surface masses of ice formed each winter by the overflow of

springs. In Alaska and the Yukon such ice is often called a

glacier (31; 47), Glacial Epoch Slots Machine. (See Aufeis, Icing .)

Crystosphene. Mass or sheet of ice developed by a wedging growth between

beds of other material; a form of ground ice (31).